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When My Worries Get Too Big!
When My Worries Get Too Big
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A 5 Is Against The Law!
A 5 is Against the Law!
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A "5" Could Make Me Lose Control!
A "5" Could Make Me Lose Control!
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Stuff About Kari

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Who am I?
KariKari Dunn Buron, MS
Autism Education Specialist

Kari Dunn Buron taught in the K-12 public school system with students on the autism spectrum for 30+ years and was a founding member of the MN Autism Project. She developed an Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate program for educators at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN and is on the Advisory Board for the Autism Society of Trinidad and Tobago; Life College in MN and the Autism Society of MN. In 2003, Kari received a Self-designed Fellowship that allowed her to spend a year interviewing and working internationally with a number of scientists and researchers in the area of Neuroscience, Social Cognition, Education and Autism with a focus on challenging behaviors. Kari has presented her work both nationally and internationally and in 2012, she was inducted into the Illinois State University Department of Education Hall of Fame.

Kari is the co-author of The Incredible 5-Point Scale (Revised Edition), and the author of When My Worries Get Too Big (Revised Edition and winner of the 2013 Mom's Choice Award), A 5 Could Make Me Lose Control and A 5 is Against the Law! (2008 ASA literary award winner). Kari is the co-editor of a textbook for educators titled Learners on the Autism Spectrum: Preparing Highly Qualified Educators (2009 ASA literary award winner) Kari co-authored a book for college students and young adults with autism entitled Social Behavior and Self-Management. Kari's latest work is an early chapter book for children ages 7-12 entitled Adalyn's Clare about a highly anxious 4th grader and her social therapy dog, Clare.

To inquire about consulting or presentation services please e-mail Kari.



Kari's Calendar
Scheduled Workshops and Lectures


April 8 - Waco Texas
April 13 - Southern Oregon University
May 1 - Keynote at the Minnesota Autism Conference
October 3 - Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada


Article:  Auntie Gina's SchoolAuntie Gina’s School
By Kari Dunn Buron
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